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Proper-T Systems was founded by two seasoned real estate professionals with a singular aim: to create solutions specifically designed for the unique challenges and opportunities within the real estate industry. Drawing on years of firsthand experience and deep industry knowledge, we’ve developed tools and services that directly address the needs of real estate professionals like yourself. Our commitment is to help you streamline operations, enhance customer relationships, and grow your business more effectively.

 Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Help You Automate Your Business

The owners began just like you.  Travis jointed a local real estate wholesaling company called Colorado Colaberative.  We were Subto Students learning and hustling every day to conquer cold calls and navigate the process. However, a major hiccup emerged – our system was a mess. Automation was lacking, and nothing aligned with our vision. That’s when Travis stepped up, determined to master the system and create seamless, user-friendly automations.  Through eighteen months of dedicated immersion in the world of Rei Reply, comprehensive exploration of business strategies and marketing methodologies, and rigorous automation experimentation, the foundation was set.

Proper-T Systems teamed up with Angie and Dominic Milinazzo – astute subto students, accomplished Realtors, and the dynamic duo behind the acclaimed Facebook group, Herd of Profits. Collaboratively, they aimed to elevate their wholesale enterprise, amassing an impressive tally of successfully sealed deals each month. This transformative journey marks the pivotal shift from theoretical concepts to pragmatic solutions, addressing tangible challenges encountered by a thriving, deal-making business. This opportunity gave the company the opportunity to sharpen the system’s process for investors actively doing business.

Subsequently, the company brought on Josh Trujillo to construct the website, establish a sales funnel, and provide technical support. Josh plays a pivotal role in effectively marketing the system to our customers.



Meet The Team

Travis Bouchonville

Co-Founder & CEO

Travis is a former United States Marine who’s always ready to tackle new challenges. As a Subto Student, he’s on a journey of growth and learning, driven by his belief in honesty, hard work, and the constant quest for self-improvement. Nestled in the heart of Denver, CO, he shares his life with his wonderful fiancée and two amazing kids. Travis knows that every day is a chance to refine his skills and make his mark in the world.

Josh Trujillo

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Josh is a designer and developer from Denver, CO. He has been working in the cannabis industry in Colorado for over a decade. With a BFA in Illustration and his background in design, he is now applying those skills to his real estate investing. As a Subto student, he is on a path of personal and business growth. Living in Denver, CO, he spends his time with his fiancé and pets, usually exploring in nature or traveling to somewhere new.

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If you’re interested in automating and taking your business to new heights, don’t hesitate to reach out. Proper-T Systems is here to guide and support your journey towards enhanced efficiency and growth. Let’s transform your operations together!